Break off your unplanned pregnancy at your home by RU-486

Break off your unplanned pregnancy at your home by RU-486

Pregnancy time make you feel good and happy when you planned for it and also on the other hand it can be reason of worry or stress if it comes in an unplanned way. If your pregnancy is also undesirable do not bear unnecessarily. There are number of ways and treatment which can stop your pregnancy. RU-486 is really a wonder product for winding up unwanted pregnancy. Provided condition for termination of pregnancy is that the fertilization time should not be more than 7 weeks. After 7 weeks, the process of abortion is considered as crime.

How RU-486 executes abortion: Ru-486 is successful method of medical abortion. Mifepristone is a master ingredient of RU-486 which is FDA approved abortion pill. Mifepristone present in RU-486 executes its action by inhibiting the progesterone hormone which supports the pregnancy by maintaining uterus lining which protects the fetus from outer environment and it also gives nutrition to fetus.  As mifepristone stops actions of progesterone; uterus lining begin to shed. Within 1-2 days, vaginal bleeding starts as in menstrual period.

How to use RU-486:

Start your abortion process with one pill of mifepristone 200 mg. Medicine is consumed orally with a full glass of water. Within 48 hours, we should expect vaginal bleeding. If bleeding starts then women should visit the doctor after 2-3 days and confirm about complete removal of pregnancy by ultrasonography.

  • If bleeding doesn’t occur take 2 pills of misoprostol (200mcg) orally or intravaginally. Bleeding will starts within 4-8 hours. Patient then advised to revisit the doctor to ensure about complete abortion by ultrasound technique.

Harmful effects of RU-486: After administration of RU-486 Patient may experience diarrhoea followed by nausea, abdominal cramps, headache, heavy vaginal bleeding.


Pay attention to following points:

  1. Avoid using mifepristone in case of liver or kidney dysfunctioning.
  2. After abortion stop uplifting of heavy material.
  3. Take more healthy diet for early recovery and avoid drinking of alcohol.
  4. If patient has allergy with mifepristone, do not consume this product.
  5. Maintain distance from your partner for some time after abortion.

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